Back to School pt. 3

So, I quit my job at Settlers Family Restaurant, in Batavia, Ny after ten years, Part Time, Minimal Wage, and No Health Insurance, I applied for Unemployment Benefits, and was denied. Reason, I had no good reason to leave my job. Knowing what the results would be I applied for an appeal. During the waiting period, i went to my second semester of college, Genesee Community College, I received these grades B, B, A. My major for those grades Physical Education. Very Proud of myself.  Also, I received an Certificate of Completion Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education. The date for the appeal was set for June Second two Thousand Eleven.  I cancelled.  No Benefits for me. So I applied for Welfare. Lord knows what these people are going to do.  The Grades and Certificate, by far out weigh, me being denied Social help from a depleted and embarrassed New York State Government.  Thanks anyways.



About Jason D. Reese

55, Bachelor. Single, never married, no children. Love, using social media Facebook, Google Hangouts, YouTube. Enjoy, being social and meeting other people. Owner and operator, of Jason Reese Media. Host, Good Morning Batavia, Weekly Blog, streamed live on youtube
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